From Henry’s desk


2021 has been an interesting year in many ways. Covid continued to impact on our lives, restricting our movements and in worse cases leaving a void in the lives of many due to the loss of loved ones. We stand still there for a moment and pass on our condolences to those who had that devastating impact in their lives.


The impact has also been felt in the economy, especially in the hospitality and associated industries. Our thoughts go out to those whose businesses where so severely impacted that they had to close their doors leaving a lot of people unemployed.


“Working from home” has become the norm for many and has also been good for various reasons. There are fewer cars on the roads and that has been good for the reduction in car claims, but we have also experienced a reduction in service from the Financial Service Providers that we deal with. This has made it extremely difficult for us to provide the service that our clients are used to. (It seems that working from home doesn’t work for everyone.)


On a positive note, the markets have shown some good recovery. I use the word recovery because that is a large part of what it was. The losses of the previous years have been recovered in this year.


The ALSI is up 23,3%, Financials 19,1%, Industrials 23,1% and Resources 25,2%.

5 Year average.

ALSI 10,6%, Financials 1,9%, Industrials 9,2% and Resources 20,7%

That’s all good news for investors. I’m not going into detail about the reasons. We will except the positive for now.


At Hansmeyer and Associates we are excited about our growth in 2021 and we welcome Andrew Sayers and his support team Deborah Bailey and Andrea Forget to our operation and look forward to a long and special relationship in the years to come. Andrew has over 19 years in the industry and his team have over 25 years’ experience.

Carl Capazario and Maria Schikkerling have now been with us for two years and his experience and personality is greatly appreciated!

On the short-term side, we welcome Esther Kock with a life time of over 40 years with Santam. She is a jewel in the industry! Ester and Linda work together to see that our clients are looked after in a special way!

Many thanks to Linda Headland who has been part of our team on the short-term side for over 14 years. Your relationship with our clients is special and we are grateful to have you with us!


To my business partner Avril Hansmeyer. Without you we would not be the offering that we are. You are the glue that holds it all together.


To all our loyal and special clients, we say thank you for your continued support this year despite the tough times some have had. We hope to see the back of COVID soon.

Enjoy your well deserved rest and may God bless you in 2022 with peace, love, and joy!


Henry Hansmeyer

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