Choosing the right Medical Aid

In an environment where your health is not a certainty, we aim to provide you with certainty in terms of your healthcare cover.

With medical aid being a necessity in today's South Africa, selecting the right option for you and your family is not easy.

Affordability, the type of cover required and the need to provide for chronic illnesses can make choosing the right plan a difficult task. Speaking to an accredited Medical Aid specialist is essential to make sure you have the cover to match your specific circumstances.

What can we do for you?

After assessing your needs we will be in a position to offer you or your company a choice of plans ranging from

  • Comprehensive in and out of hospital cover
  • Hospital cover only
  • Optional Gap cover to make up the potential shortfall between the service provider charges and what the medical aid pays
  • Primary care benefits for employees including domestic workers

Talk to us today about the best suited and priced Health cover for your needs.

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