Never underestimate the importance of life cover

For many people, buying life cover is a grudge purchase as there is no perceivable value in it for them. But have you though what would happen if you had no cover at all or not enough. Life cover is the cornerstone of a sound personal financial plan. Have you considered what would happen to your family if you were to die with insufficient cover or none at all?

We will be able to assist you in identifying your need for protection and recommending a plan of action to put cover in place with a product provider that can match your specific requirements. In the ideal world you would cover every eventuality at the same time but we recognise this is not always feasible so prioritising your needs is key. Afterall, some cover is better than none at all.

The most common reasons for taking cover are highlighted below.

Protect your family

The death of an income earner can have a serious financial impact on a family. In many cases it can result in the loss of a family home, cars, drastic change of lifestyle and finding new schools for children. Life cover can help to reduce the impact of change for the family left behind.

Pay off debts

When you die, your debts do not go away and very often it is the estate that is left to settle them at the expense of the family. Having cover in place will enable the mortgage bond, credit cards, personal loans and HP agreements to be settled and relieve the burden on the family.

Top-up employee benefits

Many people place too much reliance on group life cover funded by their employer. This should in effect supplement your personal cover as there is no guarantee you will remain with the employer for your working life.

Stay at home parent

Have you ever considered the monetary value of a stay-at- home parent ? If anything where to happen to them, who would do the washing, cleaning, schools runs etc. This would all have to be paid for so it is essential for the parent to have personal cover in place.

Services We Can Help You With

Financial Needs Analysis

The FNA is the starting point of identifying the need for life cover. It gives you a holistic picture of your present financial situation and will identify which areas you need life cover to protect. Regular reviews ensure you can make adjustments when necessary.


The importance of a will can never be understated. It is a written record of your wishes in the event of your death. Having a valid will will assist in the speedy wind up of your estate and more importantly will record to whom the proceeds of any life policies will be paid.

Estate Planning

The best time to plan your estate is now. None of us likes to think about our own mortality or being unable to make decisions for ourselves. Going hand in hand with your will, the will provides instructions, it does not avoid probate. Efficient estate planning will maximise tax saving opportunities and help minimise any potential estate duty liability.

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