Hot Work Permit for Fire Cover


To our valued Commercial clients

As it is currently a municipal by-law that a HOT WORK PERMIT be completed and signed off by a company representative / health & safety officer / person responsible for the work, the same requirement applies to your insurance with regards to FIRE COVER.

In a nutshell, if any internal staff or external contractors perform any activity that uses an open flame or heat source such as welding, cutting, brazing, grinding or soldering operations, then the attached checklist / hot work permit needs to be adhered to and signed by the person responsible for the work and the company representative.

A copy of this Hot Work Permit should be kept on record and be accessible in the event of a FIRE CLAIM in order for this FIRE COVER to be effected.  

Please make this part of your health and safety regulations for your business and communicate to all staff.

NON-SMOKING SIGNS should also be displayed at entrances and exits to your building so as to be visible by all employees.  DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS are also to be communicated to staff.

We really appreciate your co-operation with regards to this and know it is in the best interest of your own business as well as the insurers for you to maintain and minimize your fire risk.

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