Power Surge Claims

We would like to inform our clients, that due to the very high incidence of Power Surge claims that the insurers are experiencing, they are needing proof of the incident and ownership of the item/s to be able to process a claim. Recently we have had a couple of claims rejected on these grounds as clients were unable to provide this information.

Before we can register a claim we will need a DAMAGE REPORT explaining the reason for the damage to the item.  The insurer will also need PROOF of ownership of the item.  We would recommend that you submit photos or a copy of the sale invoice to support the claim.  The insurers need to know which specific type of Fridge/Freezer, Microwave or TV ect that you are claiming for.  They will not be able to process a claim without this information. 

Please also remember that if an insurer pays out a claim for a damaged item, the item now belongs to the insurer – so the SALVAGE will need to be kept for the insurer to collect if they wish to do so.  Do not dispose of any item without first getting confirmation from the insurer that you can do so.

Should you require any further information about these new requirements of need advice in the event of a claim please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

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