Santam Commercial Clients – Christmas 2020 Holidays

To all our valued SANTAM Commercial clients

As the year draws towards an end, please take note of the following important information with regards to your SANTAM policy:

  • Please update your stock figures with us before you close to make sure that you are insured for the correct amount of stock during December holidays.
  • Please make sure that your linked alarm at your premises is in working order and activated when your premises are left unoccupied.  There will be no theft claims paid out if there is no proof of alarm activation.
  • Please make sure that you save the SANTAM MULTI-SOS NUMBER in your phones – 0860 505 911 – over this holiday season in case of vehicle break down assists, towing, geyser claims, windscreen claims and all other SANTAM claims whilst we are closed.  This is a 24 hour 7 days a week number.  Please make sure you have your policy number handy as well as you will need that.  Please remind all your staff members to save this number in their phones as well.  PLEASE NOTE that you have to use these SANTAM services for towing after a break down as SANTAM will not pay for private towing due to a break down assist.
  • Make sure you also have the telephone number of your TRACKING DEVICE company like Tracker etc…saved in your phone for emergencies
  • Please make sure that valuables like laptops etc are not kept in cars overnight or left on car seats whilst vehicles are unattended.
  • Theft from a vehicle as a result of car-jamming is not covered.  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK that your vehicle is actually locked before walking away from your vehicle.
  • Laptops left at office premises during December/January  should be locked away in a safe or somewhere secure.
  • Cash or money kept at business premises should be kept to a minimum and locked away in a safe overnight.
  • If there are items that are being transported away from the work premises like machinery, tools etc… please make sure that these items are specified under the business all risks section on the policy to insure that they are covered.
  • Items like cellphones and ipads etc….need to be specified separately under business all risks section as well.

Trusting that this is in order and wishing you well during this festive season.

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