TIC Business Travel Solutions

How many of you are aware that just having International cover on your medical-aid might not be enough whilst travelling abroad or into Africa?

I have attached a breakdown of various Business Travel Solutions that we offer through TIC travel insurers.

Most medical-aids would exclude cover for any type of manual labour , any pre-existing conditions would also be excluded and various African countries are also excluded on medical-aid African travel cover extentions

TIC would cover this.

They offer Annual Corporate travel blanket policies if you have a lot of staff travelling annually.You would pay an annual premium for this.

Otherwise they will do a once-off business travel policy per trip.  

There is also an Industrial business package covering large groups travelling at a time doing manual labour.

TIC also offer leisure travel packages whereby your International cover is as high as R100 000 000 as opposed to R5 000 000 that some medical-aids offer bearing in mind that costs internationally are not calculated in rands.Pre-existing conditions are covered and they offer a lot more than just medical cover on these packages and include lost/stolen property,increased costs incurred if flights are cancelled as well as accommodation and costs for spouse or family members that accompany you during an emergency/hospitalisation.Your medical-aid wont cover this.

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