Discovery Insure Fuel Cash Back

To all our valued Discovery Insure clients !

We have noticed that many of you are not getting your maximum amount of petrol cash backs that you could be obtaining on a monthly basis.  This is through your Vitality Drive benefit.

Please find attached below an easy guide on how your vitality drive points are allocated and calculated, and how to maximise your petrol cash back every month.

Make sure your DQ track is installed in your vehicle or the windscreen sensor installed

Make sure your vitality drive cards are activated and swipe these cards once filling up at the petrol station

Make sure you do your annual Tiger Wheel and Tyre vehicle check once a year

Make sure you do your online vehicle safety questionaires and eye-gym on the Discovery Website

Driver behaviour is also important and monitored by the DQ track/sensor

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need any assistance or advice.

Kind Regards

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