General Claims During The Extended Lockdown Period

In light of the fact that the lockdown period has been extended and from Friday 1st May we are only moving onto level 4, we thought that we would send out a general communication with regards to how claims will be handled during this extended level 4 lockdown period:

Please contact us as your brokers should you have a claim to register in order that we can assist you.  We are fully operational during this lockdown period.  Geyser claims can be logged directly with the 24 hour emergency contacts numbers previously communicated to you for each insurer.  This is seen as an emergency repair so will be handled as such and is allowed during the lockdown period.  If you are not sure of these emergency numbers contact us and we will provide those numbers to you and guide you through the process.

If there is fire damage, storm damage or hail damage etc…or resultant damage from a burst geyser or pipe to your premises, then log the claim with us.  We will organise an assessor to go out and assess the damages.  Emergency repair work will be approved during this time, but cosmetic work, like painting etc. will normally have to wait until after the lockdown period in the level that approves contractors to operate again.  

In the case of theft claims we can handle these claims and hopefully can finalise most theft claims during this period where possible, provided that service providers cooperate with all the requirements that we need to finalise.

Vehicle Accidents – we can register these claims and get them approved, but panelbeaters are closed during this period so repairs unfortunately will be halted until these panelbeaters are allowed to operate again.  

Breakdown assist and emergency towing services will still be available as these are deemed emergency services.

Please feel free to contact us should you need assistance or advice during this period on any issue related to your insurance cover with us.

We would like to wish you all health and safety and a quick financial recovery after this trying period for most.  

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