Vehicle Repairs & Car Hire

Attached hereto and below please find information from Santam regarding repairs to vehicles and also car hire during the lockdown period. 

Please note that the information may come from Santam but it is appropriate to all insurers. 

Kindly note that under level-4 regulations repairers are only allowed to do emergency repairs. Santam acknowledges that the vehicles may be damaged and it does not present how the insured would like it to look but we have to adhere to the country’s regulations.

Santam cannot condone or support the fact that MBRs are operating “as normal” and thus we cannot arrange this rental. The repairer should book the vehicle to after lock down or as soon as there are any amendments to the COVID-19 regulations.

Thus for example we cannot authorise car hire on non-emergency repairs.

Please also note as per attached circular

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