Santam Commercial Cover – All Risks Cover


We as your brokers would like to keep you informed as to what you are covered for under the various sections of your SANTAM COMMERCIAL policy.  Continuing from our previous e-mails regarding  FIRE COVER and BUSINESS INTERUPTION COVER and THEFT COVER, here is a summary of what is covered under the BUSINESS ALL RISKS COVER of your policy :


Business All Risks cover is designed for items that are removed from the insureds premises and not kept at the premises on a permanent basis.

  • It covers loss or damage to the whole or part of the property that is specified in the schedule,being the property of the insured or for which the Insured is responsible, by any accident or misfortune anywhere in the world ie: accidental damage, theft, loss etc..
  • Theft of goods from a vehicle that is unattended has to be from a securely locked vehicle.  Theft of goods from a vehicle after “Jamming” of the vehicles remote locking device is excluded unless video surveillance proof can be provided showing that an attempt was made to lock the vehicle.  NB:  Always double check that your vehicle is locked before walking away.
  • Theft of items from a vehicle between 18h00pm and 06h00 am would only be covered if the vehicle is securely locked away in a building/garage between those times.  Items that are stolen that were left in a vehicle kept out in the open overnight would not be covered.
  • Items can be insured here for a period of time if temporarily removed from the insureds premises like for eg: stock that is being displayed at a trade fair etc..  
  • Theft of any of these specified items from any building AFTER HOURS will be subject to being protected by either security guards, security gates, burglar bars, burglar alarms, roller shutter doors or CCTV cameras.
  • Damage or loss of any item as a result WEAR and TEAR will not be covered.
  • If certain items insured here are deemed to be valuable like coin collections, types of precious metals and jewelery items then valuation certificate/proof of items could be requested at time of claim.

We trust that this clarifies what is covered under this section and please contact us should you have any questions or queries.

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