Santam Commercial Cover – Theft Cover


We as your brokers would like to keep you informed as to what you are covered for under the various sections of your SANTAM COMMERCIAL policy.  Continuing from our previous e-mails regarding  FIRE COVER and BUSINESS INTERUPTION COVER, here is a summary of what is covered under the GENERAL THEFT SECTION of your policy :


  • Loss or damage to all contents (except money that is covered under the money section of the policy) of any insured building at the insureds premises as a result of theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit from the building, or any theft from violence or threat of violence (i.e being held up at gun-point etc..)
  • Damage to buildings as a result of theft/attempted theft/malicious damage – Limited to R10 000 (Buildings need to be occupied)
  • Tenants fittings and fixtures as a result of theft/attempted theft/malicious damage.

NB !!! An SAIA approved alarm system linked to a registered armed response company is a GENERAL requirement for THEFT cover.

Linked alarms always need to be activated if premises are left unoccupied temporarily as an alarm report will always be a requirement at claim stage under the THEFT section.

Items that are removed from the insureds premises are best covered under the BUSINESS ALL RISKS SECTION

Electronic items are best covered under the ELECTRONIC SECTION of the policy where they are specified and itemised.

We trust that the above is informative and please contact us should you have any further queries or questions regarding your cover.

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