Santam Commercial Cover – Public Liability


We as your brokers would like to keep you informed as to what you are covered for under the various sections of your SANTAM COMMERCIAL policy.  Continuing from our previous e-mails regarding  FIRE COVER, BUSINESS INTERUPTION COVER, THEFT COVER , BUSINESS ALL RISKS COVER,  GOODS IN TRANSIT COVER,ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT SECTION , here is a summary of what is covered under the PUBLIC LIABILITY SECTION of your policy :


PUBLIC LIABILITY cover, in a nutshell, is designed to cover you as the insured for damages including costs/expenses that you would become legally liable to pay, consequent upon injury or damage , in the course of/ in connection with the business.This does not include injuries to staff members:

The following Liability covers are not automatically included and need to be issued either as an extension or as a separate policy :

  • Products Liability – Liabilities that would result from defective product/s whether product is manufactured or supplied or distributed.Defective workmanship.
  • Professional Indemnity Liability – Liability arising from advice/instruction given.
  • Contractors Liability for a particular contract period can include contractors all risks cover as well for equipment used for contract purposes.   
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Fidelity cover – Liability arising from staff dishonesty.
  • Cyber crime Liability
  • Credit insurance / losses due to payment default

Please contact us as your brokers should you need to activate any of these listed covers.

Please note the following clauses under this cover :

  • Limits of indemnity as per Sum insured stated on policy document.
  • Territorial Limits Republic of South Africa and neighbouring countries as stated in policy schedule.
  • Normally Public Liability will automatically include damages/losses arising from car-parks,unattached trailers ,tools of trade,tenants liability,employees and visitors property and emergency medical expenses.
  • Losses due to fraudulent activity is an exclusion under this cover.

We trust that this clarifies what is covered under this section and please contact us should you have any questions or queries.

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