Santam Commercial Cover – Goods in Transit


We as your brokers would like to keep you informed as to what you are covered for under the various sections of your SANTAM COMMERCIAL policy.  Continuing from our previous e-mails regarding  FIRE COVER, BUSINESS INTERUPTION COVER, THEFT COVER and BUSINESS ALL RISKS COVER, here is a summary of what is covered under the GOODS IN TRANSIT COVER SECTION of your policy :


Goods in transit cover is designed to cover loss or damage to the whole or part of any commodity stated in the schedule owned by the insured or for which they are responsible in the course of transit by the means of conveyance or through other incidents like :

  • Accidental damage (If cover is selected on an all risk basis).
  • Fire, Explosion, Collision, Overturning of the vehicle/truck.
  • Theft following Fire, Explosion, Collision, Overturning of the vehicle/truck.  
  • Hijacking of the vehicle/truck.
  • Theft of the vehicle/truck.

Please note the following clauses under this cover :

  • A total of 120 hours temporary storage is included from time of loading until time of delivery.
  • Cover will not exceed the load limit amount stated in the schedule.
  • Cover is restricted to the territorial limits stated in the schedule.
  • Fire extinguishing charges of R10 000 included- can be increased.
  • Debris removal cover of R5 000 included – can be increased.
  • Goods need to be packed in accordance with the policy requirements depending on the goods being transported.
  • Theft of goods, or damage of goods as a result of attempted theft, could be excluded from any unattended vehicle.

We trust that this clarifies what is covered under this section and please contact us should you have any questions or queries.

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