Storm Damage Tips

To All Our Valued Clients

As we are approaching the hail and rainy season of the year we would like to remind you of some tips to make sure that any claims related to storms or hail damage will be covered. 


As summer has arrived along with the rainy season we urge you to check on the maintenance needs of your buildings.  For example, all gutters need to be cleared of debris that could block the flow of water in the event of a storm, causing water to leak into roofs/ceilings.  Also rooves need to be checked and sealed regularly to avoid ceiling and contents damage.

Insurance will pay for damage related to a “once-off” peril like storm, wind, water, hail, lightning etc, but will never cover damage as a result of wear & tear or maintenance issues.

During a storm close drapes, blinds or shades to prevent broken window glass and hailstones from entering your home or injuring you or your family.

A big issue is often boundary walls being damaged after a storm – please check that roots of trees have not caused movement and weakness of the structure of these walls and that these walls are not already unstable and damaged.

Make sure that we have your latest cell phone numbers on record as Santam clients receive an automated pre-warning message from Africa Weather to lessen the risk of being caught in a hailstorm whilst driving.

Load the locations of nearby covered parking garages onto your Smartphone or GPS.  This will assist when you are on the road and need to locate a safe covered area immediately.

Maintain your trees to prevent any broken branches or debris causing damage to your home during a hailstorm. 

For lightning and power-surge protection, please ensure that you have lightning and power-surge protection in your DB Board, as well as lightning and power-surge plugs on your electronic equipment.

Wishing you well for the remainder of this year.

Kind regards

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